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About Me

Hi, dear Stata users! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Michela Guicciardi.


I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Social Sciences at Bocconi University and I am currently completing a Master of Science in Economics and Social Sciences.

I chose to open this blog after five years of frustration in search of somebody that could tell me in a straighforward manner which codes I needed to know to complete certain tasks. Since there was no website that provided this service, I helped myself!

In the past years, I have gathered a significant  knowledge of Stata, focusing on econometric tools to conduct social science researches and reports. I have learnt how to use this dreaded software at the university but soon I understood that my knowledge was not enough to write a full ready-to-publish scientific article.

If you are a student and you landed on this blog, you are surely facing the same problems I had to face. I have no doubt about that!

Guess what?  You can forget about your own frustrations and all the hours you have spent wondering on the internet looking for a solution to your Stata-related doubts.

I will personally guide you through the learning process of econometrics coding and I am going to make sure that you waste no more time on useless tutorials.

Welcome to your own personal Stata heaven!

Michela Guicciardi

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  1. I guess I will learn many useful things from your blog, it looks very professional :).

    • Dear Vu Quang Vinh,

      Thank for your kind words. The aim is to provide as much contents as i know to help out dealing with Stata. Please If you Have any feedback don’t hesitate to write it down!

  2. Indeed you did very well

  3. My compliments for your work Michela.
    I had the pleasure to meet you personally, and the discover of this website enriches your figure even more. My best wishes for the future!

  4. Dear Michela
    my name is Hadi, I’m from Iran.
    I’m graduate in economics and I work a lot of time with Stata. I familiar with your blog now (2.20.2107)
    I thought I’m lucky.
    thanks for your blog.
    my skype: hadi.emytis
    I like know more about you and your challange.
    best Hadi

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